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Allowing Your Data To Work For You...

Statistical Analysis
Result Implementation


DataAnalysis Inc.: we provide training and seminars on statistical data management, analysis, and implementation The professionals at DataAnalysis, Inc. have provided exceptional analytical services to companies worldwide. Specializing in data compilation, experimental design, and quality instruction, our expertise has proven to be an invaluable asset to any firm. From Industry to Insurance, we partner with our clients to optimize total profit potential.

Conference Seminars & On-Site Training.

Top-rated professionals at DataAnalysis, Inc. provide instructional and interactive training seminars that enable participants to work through a wide variety of real world, operational problems. Discover how to save money and improve efficiency with our comprehensive two-day DataAnalysis Courses - coming to a city near you! In addition, DataAnalysis, Inc. offers a customized in-house training program that applies statistical problem solving to everyday situations. This company-specific training includes a wide array of services, from business data development to analytical implementation. We allow your data to work for you!


DataAnalysis, Inc. Certificate of Training program satisfies the record-keeping requirements of most major corporations. Our certification is the "stamp of approval" that ensures our clients are equipped with the necessary tools to analyze data for profitable results!

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8000 Madison Blvd. Suite D-102 #281     Madison, AL 35758
Phone: (256) 509-0847    Fax: (256) 461-9397